Waxing for Men

1 session 760 AED
Male waxing is the procedure of removing body hair, focusing on areas based on individual preference. Based in Dubai, EuroSpa lets you opt for a waxing regime at your own convenience. Our professional groomers are well versed in removing dead skin cells and hair follicles that will leave your skin feeling smooth and even. As experienced professionals with several years of expertise, we understand that every client is different. Therefore, we offer an approach tailor-made to your specific requirements. The process starts by applying a layer of hot wax to your body, making us of a cloth strip pulled off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. At the end of the session, we apply a cooling moisturizer to reduce the pain. One of the major key benefits of waxing is that there is an improvement in muscle definition. It can additionally help slow down the aging process and aid in boosting skin regeneration. With regular waxing, you will even stop further hair growth along with the added benefit of remaining hair-free. EuroSpa offers well trained and highly qualified groomers for comfortable and a painless process. Our private suite ensures you the added comfort and convenience. We offer one session priced at 760 AED. Book your slot with us today!

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