Swedish Relax Massage

60 min 525 AED
90 min 735 AED
Indulge yourself in a refreshing and relaxing Swedish Massage at EuroSpa, located in the heart of Dubai. It is the most widely used technique that helps to relax all your tensed muscles leaving you energized and revived. The gentle pressures applied to the body calm the senses releasing the tension from the muscles caused due to stressful work. Revitalize your body, as our therapist uses different massaging techniques like stroking, kneading, vibration, and light tapping. Increase the flow of oxygen in your body, releasing unwanted toxins from the muscles. The sensations caused by these techniques promote wellbeing and draws a lot of positive energy around you. Swedish Massage ensures glowing skin and soothes the nerves making you feel good.
EuroSpa is the most preferred Spa in Dubai, with well trained professional masseuses to make you feel comfortable and put your mind at ease. We provide the highest quality massages and spa services that will pamper and ease all your worries away. Soak yourself in our serene and private environment that is specially designed keeping in mind your comforts. Our therapists are trained to deliver excellent and quality service with 60 minutes to 90 minutes sessions that are affordably priced at AED 525 and AED 735. Our team is open to customized massage treatments. Before you indulge in this Swedish Massage, clear all your doubts with our therapist pertaining to the sessions, products used, and privacy terms. To avoid inconvenience, make sure you book an appointment in advance for a stress-free massage session. Step into EuroSpa for a wonderful and relaxed experience of the most gentle and calming Swedish Relax Massage. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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