Mani Pedi & Feets Cleansing

1 session 475 AED
Mani-Pedi and feet cleansing are beauty treatments that involve shaping, trimming, extending, cleaning, and polishing your nails on your feet and hands. Based in Dubai, EuroSpa has always established itself as a ‘go-to’ place, with professionally equipped modern interiors and hospitable staff who are available at your service. The basic polish, exfoliation, and moisturization with the use of shellac, gel, and dip powder are some of the few top-notch techniques used during this cleaning ritual. We use high-end beauty products to ease your stress away, guaranteeing no harm to your skin or nails. Pedicures and Manicures help promote mental well-being, relaxing the mind, the body, and overall emotions. You will look and feel better from the inside and outside. So, sit back into our sumptuous seat and cozy up while all your nails are carefully tended to by our experienced beauticians.
Apart from the highly qualified perfectionists present, EuroSpa offers its customers comfortable chairs, a composed and calm environment. Look no further and expect a step by step procedure performed meticulously by our experts. We have got you covered from shaping, filing, soaking, and massaging to coloring and nail art. Our Mani-Pedi session is priced at 475 AED and also includes customizations. So, prepare your much-awaited day and book your appointment with us today!

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