Hot Stone Massage

60 min 600 AED
90 min 900 AED
EuroSpa, based in Dubai, offers the most exhilarating hot stone massage therapy for people who want to experience the warmth and the healing effects of hot stone treatment. This massage is associated with relieving pain and reduce health conditions related to muscles. In order to get the most of this significant massage, the therapist places hot volcanic stones on the back, spine, shoulders, and tailbone heated at a persistent temperature between 110 to113 Fahrenheit. Our team of experienced and professional therapists knows the right amount of pressure to apply during the massage to provide you with complete relaxation. Unwind your senses as the therapist applies the oils on your body and moves the stones in a circular motion to generate heat and loosen the tight muscles.
Our private rooms are built in a very serene environment to help customers find peace and tranquility in the midst of their busy day. We use the top of the range of products as we believe in providing only the best. You can choose between a 60-minute massage or a 90-minute massage priced at AED 600 and AED 900, respectively. To help you serve better, we request all our clients to book an appointment in advance to understand you better and offer a suitable massage treatment for effective results. Drop us an email, and we will reply shortly.

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