Luxury European Massage Center Dubai

Explore a wide range of globally-inspired spa rooms, uplifting aromas, soothing steam, and calming music. Discover how our relaxing massage treatments relax your body and clear your mind.

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Professional Spa and Massage Treatment

Discover ultimate tranquility at EuroSpa, where we offer an array of nourishing treatments to our pristine clients across Dubai. Our therapists are highly trained in a range of relaxing treatments that will help you unwind and feel radiant. Designed to bring balance to your mind and body, our massage and spa menu offers a range of holistic treatments and therapies from around the world. Nourish, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin with our professional facial service or relieve your body from chronic pain through our variety of massages. Alongside this, our offerings also feature manicure and pedicure for the ultimate pampering session.

Our Services

Swedish Relax Massage
60 min 525 AED
90 min 735 AED
Hot Stone Massage
60 min 600 AED
90 min 900 AED
Couples Massage
60 min 1045 AED
90 min 1470 AED
Four Hands Massage
60 min 1045 AED
90 min 1470 AED
Stretching Massage
60 min 630 AED
90 min 954 AED
Six Hands Massage
60 min 2100 AED
90 min 3100 AED
Deep Tissue Massage
60 min 630 AED
90 min 945 AED
Aromatherapy Massage
60 min 525 AED
90 min 735 AED
Lomi Lomi Massage
60 min 630 AED
90 min 943 AED
Moroccan Bath
45 min 470 AED
90 min 850 AED
Bamboo Massage
45 min 630 AED
90 min 945 AED

About Our Spa Center

Situated in the heart of Dubai, at EuroSpa, we take pride in offering our customers a diverse range of treatments that will bring a sense of calmness and relief. In addition to regular massage treatments, our offerings feature unique massages such as Lomi Lomi massage, Cupping massage, Bamboo massage, and more at highly competitive rates. Our spa center is well-equipped with luxury facilities and amenities, thereby guaranteeing you excellent hospitality coupled with unrivaled quality services.

Our team comprises highly experienced European therapists who are focused on providing unparalleled relaxation.

As a professional massage center in Dubai, we thrive on sourcing the highest quality products that deliver excellent results. Browse through our wide range of indulging treatments and leave it to our experts to deliver utmost tranquility. To learn more or schedule an appointment at our spa center, give us a call today!

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